Channel Markers Society

channel-markers-200x208  The Lighthouse of Pinellas Channel Markers Society is a unique membership of donors who are committed to providing financial support on an annual basis.

This support ensures that programs such as Early Intervention for Infants and Children, enrichment and real life experiences for our young adults, Independent Living for Seniors and Access Technology Classrooms are open and available to all in need.

Cumulatively, over $7.4M has been raised since the inception of our Channel Markers Society to benefit Lighthouse of Pinellas. An annual donation of $1,000 is required to be a member of the Channel Markers Society.

Donations may be made monthly, quarterly or annually and can be made through cash, check, credit card, pledge, major gift or special event sponsorships.

Each year, our donor society members receive information about the success of the programs they have supported as well as an invitation to an annual donor recognition celebration where they experience our gratitude by attending a unique and memorable occasion.

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Join our Channel Markers Society with a gift of $1,000 or more. Make a significant impact today!

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