Matthew’s Story

matthew-684x800-257x300  Matthew’s eye exam was supposed to be a routine 6-month checkup. It was exhausting trying to keep a 4-year old with Cerebral Palsy and ADHD amused in a wheelchair while his eyes dilated.

“I was relieved when the doctor called us into her office, but my relief unexpectedly and quickly turned to grief,” said Matthew’s mother, “as the doctor announced Matthew had Optic Nerve Hypoplasia. He is legally blind.”

Just like that, the words cut through her heart; hasn’t this child been through enough?

How would you feel in the same situation? Where would you turn to find help for your child?

Fortunately, Matthew’s parents found hope at the Lighthouse of Pinellas. Matthew entered the Early Intervention Program, where his family was taught by certified and experienced therapists how to work with his unique challenges so he could learn effectively, explore his world creatively and use equipment designed for low vision and blind children.

His mother continues, “I suddenly realized why they call it the ‘Lighthouse’ because they were a beacon of light for me while I was being tossed around in uncharted waters.”