Holiday Giving That Changes Lives

“The Lighthouse of Pinellas staff gave us the confidence to mitigate our fears and the guidance to help Bella learn. They taught Bella and us the most effective techniques and tools to awaken her desire to learn. As we reflect on the last few years and the many people that have helped us at the Lighthouse we are thankful the organization was made available to us. I hope you realize the scope of impact you have on peopleís lives and how valuable your work is.” – Damon and Dana

Arabella was diagnosed with retinopathy of prematurity and loss of full eyesight at birth. Overwhelmed by the reality of their infant daughter’s blindness, Arabella’s parents were faced with the question of how to raise their visually impaired child in a sighted world and offer her the gifts of happiness, self-confidence, dignity, opportunity and eventual independence. They refused to let her vision loss set her limitations and worked diligently with the Lighthouse to help Arabella reach her full potential.

Today, Arabella is an inquisitive and confident little girl. The skills she has gained at the Lighthouse have given her the tools necessary to begin Kindergarten with the confidence all students facing a new school year need.

During this season of giving, your gift of $75, $100, $250 or more has the power to change the lives of many more people like Arabella and her family! Your gift will make a difference in the lives of people adapting to vision loss and provide them with the hope and opportunity to do the same things you and I do, only in a different way.

Thank you for your kindness, compassion and heartfelt generosity.

With gratitude,

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Daniel T. Mann
CEO & President

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