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Lighthouse of Pinellas, Inc. 2014 – 2015
Board of Directors
Michael W. Porter, Chair
Scott Burgess, 1st Vice Chair
Dennis Holthaus, Treasurer
Paul Mathis, Secretary
Ronald G. Tucker, OD,
Immediate Past Chair
David A. Baker
Colleen Carson
Scott Daniels
Hon. Joseph Donahey
Allison Freeborn
Patricia Grubb
Ellis Hodge
David House
Donald E. Kantner, Jr.
Joan Kline
Jamie Neilson
Jack Olsen
Ned Robertson


“Hope, Opportunity & Possibilities”

Letter from the President & Board Chair

Since 1956, Lighthouse of Pinellas has successfully faced the challenges of providing comprehensive low vision rehabilitation to county residents who are blind or visually impaired. Today, the quality of our programs and the professionalism of our caring and outstanding staff make us especially proud.

Lighthouse of Pinellas is a place where good things happen every day. Whenever we help a blind child learn how to walk independently or a visually impaired adult rejoin the work force, we know we have made a difference. In the past year, we have celebrated these and other achievements – such as the young high school graduate who is planning to attend college and the accountant whose business remains open!

We realize that there are many worthy causes that would benefit from your donations, and we are grateful when you think of Lighthouse of Pinellas. When you give your charitable dollars to a local agency, you ensure that your money stays in this community to help you and your neighbors when you need it. With your support, we have no doubt that Lighthouse of Pinellas will successfully meet the challenges of the future.


boy-in-tunnel  group-shot  MannDan

Daniel T. Mann
President & CEO

boy-in-tunnel  group-shot  MannDan  Mike-Porter

Mike Porter
Lighthouse of Pinellas Board Chair

Lighthouse of Pinellas Foundation, Inc.
Foundation Board Officers
C. Christopher Comstock, Chair
Mark Sarno, OD, 1st Vice Chair
Ron Tucker, OD, Treasurer
Peter Smith, MD, Secretary
Michael Tucker, Immediate Past Chair
Foundation Trustees
Joanne Freeman, CPA
Paul Mathis, CFP
Jonathan Mines, MD
Ken Stanley, CFA

Contributions making a difference at Lighthouse of Pinellas 

The majority of training and services provided through Lighthouse of Pinellas, with the exception of Occupational Therapy; a fee-based service, are provided at no charge to the client.

Community and Foundation support make it possible for Lighthouse instructors to travel to client’s homes and provide on-site training. It also allows for low cost or no cost transportation to and from the Lighthouse for in-house training.

Generous contributions provided funds to purchase instructional materials for our youngest and our oldest clients such as interactive games and toys for our children; updated access technology software for our youth, adults and seniors; and items such as the food used when teaching cooking classes, and diabetic supplies that are used when teaching self-management of diabetes.

Contributions of time, talent and treasure from volunteers and donors funded our Annual Family Picnic, Breakfast with Santa, and Adult Holiday Party. These special gifts also provided valuable assistance throughout the year in the Transition Program for teens and the Alumni Program, designed for adults who have completed their rehabilitation training here at the Lighthouse.

Collaboration with the Talking Book Library allowed Lighthouse to offer an interactive story time for our children this summer which included music, movement, books and giveaways for each child to take home.

boy-in-tunnel  group-shot  MannDan  Mike-Porter  expenses


Program Services:1,164,841.00

Management & General: 200,195.00

Fundraising: 133,161.00

Total: 1,498,197.00

boy-in-tunnel  group-shot  MannDan  Mike-Porter  expenses  2015-revenue2


Special Events, net of costs: 73,477

Trusts & Estates: 28,636

Contributions: 59,621

Government Awards/ Other Grants: 857,920

Program Service Fees: 12,828

Investment Return: 109,601

Other: 26,528

Total: 1,168,611

Making Independence Possible Through Philanthropy

As we look back at 2015, weíd like to thank our philanthropic community for your generous support. Your contribution the Lighthouse mission made it possible for Lighthouse of Pinellas to continue its long history of providing hundreds of individuals in Pinellas County with the opportunity to lead independent, productive and meaningful lives at home, work and school through the use of new skills acquired during their low vision rehab training at Lighthouse of Pinellas.

Thank you for your commitment to our mission and for providing the individuals and their families with the training provided through our life-changing programs and services.

2015 Channel Markers Society Partners

Free Family Foundation, Inc.

Alvah H. & Wyline P.  Chapman Foundation

Mr. L. David Baldwin

Community Foundation of Tampa Bay

Pinellas Community Foundation

Raymond James Trust

Mr. and Mrs. Marden S. Gordon

Largo Lions Club

National Non-Profit for Americans with Disabilities, Inc.

Van Middlesworth and Company, P.A.

ABB Optical Group

Achieva Credit Union

Mrs. Betty Jo Andrews

B B & T

Baskin Fleece

Bay Area Retina Consultants

Belleair Rotary Club

Bright House Networks

Mrs. Kathleen Brock

Mr. Glen E. Bruer

Mr. and Mrs. Scott Burgess

Mr. and Mrs. Jerry Carmichael

Mrs. Doreen M. Carroll

Catalina Marketing Charitable Foundation

Mrs. Patricia J. Clifford

Coldwell Banker Residential Real Estate Cares

Collins Charitable Foundation, Inc.

Mr. Horace Danforth

Marcy and Scott Daniels

The Honorable and Mrs. Joseph G. Donahey

Mr. and Mrs. George W. Etheridge

Eye Institute of West Florida

Mr. Norman J. Ferenz, Jr.

Mr. Peter B. Forret

GFWC Clearwater Community Woman’s Club

Gregory, Sharer & Stuart

Mrs. Patricia A. Grubb

Hancock Bank

Reverend and Mrs. Ellis Hodge

Mrs. Mary K. Hofmann

Mrs. Francis L. Kerwood

Ms. Annelore Kim

Joan and Michael Kline

Mr. and Mrs. Dallas S. Klytta

Knights Of Columbus Council 5635

Largo Lions Club

Lions Club of Clearwater

Mr. and Mrs. Daniel T. Mann

Mr. and Mrs. Paul M. Mathis

Michael W. Porter, PA

Mudra Foundation

Mr. and Mrs. Jack B. Olsen

Ms. Jean A. Oursler

Mr. and Mrs. Ronald A. Petrini

Mrs. Margo H. Reagan

Mr. and Mrs. James H. Reese

Ronald G. Tucker, OD, PA

Rotary Club of East Lake Sunrise

Dr. and Mrs. Peter C. Smith

Mrs. Renee Smith

Mr. Tom Smith

St. Luke’s Cataract & Laser Institute

St. Petersburg Lions Club

St. Petersburg West Rotary Club

Ms. Coleen M. Story

Tampa Bay Rays

Mr. Lloyd W. Tate

The Optical Factory & Showrooom

Transamerica Life Insurance Co.

Mrs. Geri M. Trautlein

Mrs. Marilyn D. Underberg


WalMart Foundation

Wells Fargo Foundation

Western Reserve Life Assurance Co. of Ohio

Mr. and Mrs. C. Christopher Comstock

Mr. and Mrs. George E. Feaster

Mr. and Mrs. David J. House

Mr. and Mrs. Joe Huenke

Ms. Camilla D. Kilgroe

Largo Rotary Club

Ms. Gayla D. Larson

Lions Foundation of St. Pete Beach

Mr. and Mrs. Dean Minton

Mr. and Mrs. Walter J. Piper

Southern Home Health Care

Tampa Bay Lightning

Mrs. Gail R. Terbush

The Krauss Baschab Foundation, Inc.

Mr. and Mrs. Stephen White

Mr. and Mrs. David A.  Baker

Mrs. Rebecca G. Ballogg

Ms. Colleen A. Carson

Columbia Restaurant

Mr. John Deeb

Delta Gamma Foundation

Mr. Jeff Evans

Dr. and Mrs. Wayne J. Garcia

Mr. and Mrs. Robert L. Hilton

Mr. Keith Homme

Mr. and Mrs. Matti Kert

Mr. Norval M. Marr, Jr.

Mr. and Mrs. Matthew R. Masem, Jr.

Mr. and Mrs. Jamie Neilson

Palm Harbor II Lions Club

Ms. Cathy J. Piotrowski

Mr. and Mrs. Michael W. Porter

Dr. Mario C. Rodriguez

Mr. and Mrs. Christopher B. Skibicki

Dr. and Mrs. Samuel Tarantino

Mr. and Mrs. Patrick C. Taylor

Mr. Robert C. Wigton

AASYS Group, Inc.

Mr. and Mrs. David Abelson

Acroppolis Greek Taverna

Ms. Mary Wyatt Allen

AmazonSmile Foundation

Amber Glen Feed Depot

Mr. and Mrs. Harry J. Andruszko

Ms. Janet M. Armstrong

Ms. Ellen Arreola

Ms. Crystal M. Ashmead

Ms. Barbara Baccari

Mr. and Mrs. E. Daniel Baker

Mr. and Mrs. Larry Ball

Ms. Edith Banks

Ms. Joyce S. Baskin

Mr. Frank Beekman

Mr. and Mrs. Glenn Bergoffen

Ms. Melissa Bernstein

Mr. Gregory J. Bickel

Mr. Paul S. Blackwelder

Ms. Judith M. Blanton

Mr. Bruce H. Bokor

Mr. William J. Boldyga

Mr. George W. Bollenback

Mrs. Jayne Bonilla

Mrs. Barbara J. Boone

Mr. Robert Boos, Jr.

Mr. and Mrs. Jerry Bower

Father and Mrs. Michael O. Branscombe

Mrs. Bo Brault

Mr. and Mrs. Bill Broome

Mr. and Mrs. Matthew A. Brown

Mrs. Rochelle H. Brudny

Mrs. Jo Ann Bruner

Mrs. Dorothy E. Brunner

Mr. and Mrs. Robert C. Burke

Busch Gardens Tampa Bay

Ms. Martha Byrne

C3 Media

Ms. Melissa Caban

Mr. Will Caban

Ms. Virginia L. Campbell

Mr. Gary A. Carnes

Mrs. Katherine Cartier

Ms. Elisabeth Caswell

Mr. and Mrs. James L. Chance

Mr. Jim Chandley

Dr. Helen C. Chase

Ms. Mary Chellingworth

Clearwater Evening Lions Club

Clearwater Marine Aquarium

Ms. Kara Colecchia

Mr. Allen Collins

Mr. and Mrs. Ian Collinson

Ms. Cindy Constantinou

Mrs. Peggy Copa

Mr. and Mrs. Frank Costa

Mr. Tom Coyle

Mr. and Mrs. Richard A. Cristini

Mr. and Mrs. William F. Crowell

Mrs. Nancy M. Currey

Mr. and Mrs. Anthony Cusumano

Mr. Eric Damery

Dr. and Mrs. Jeffrey M. Davis

Ms. Diane Day

Mr. and Mrs. John W. Day

Ms. Andra Delis

Mr. Clint DeRonda

Mr. Chuck Deskins

Ms. Jewell L. Detmer

Ms. Carole Devine

Mr. and Mrs. Dimas Diaz

Mr. Phil DiBlasi

Ms. Christina Dickson

Mrs. Nancy H. Dietrich

D-Mar General Contracting

Ms. Phyllis Dorian

Ms. Karen J. Douglas

Ms. Kira Doyle

Mr. and Mrs. Michael Drayer

Mr. Mark H. Edmunds

Mrs. Dale Eisenshtat

Mr. and Mrs. Daniel J. Engelken

Ms. Jenny A. Erdman

Ms. Kimberly D. Feaster

Ms. Darlene H. Fincher

Mrs. Joyce Fish

Ms. Lauren Fister

Col. and Mrs. Richard A. Fitzgerald

Mrs. Cathy France

Ms. Alison K. Freeborn and
Mr. Ed Harris

Ms. Joanne M. Freeman

Mr. and Mrs. Roy Funkhouser

Ms. Shawna Gambill

Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Gamnis

Mrs. Gricelia P. Gatewood

Miss Yolanda Giovannetti

Good Samaritan Church

Mrs. Diana Goodpaster

Great Explorations

Mr. and Mrs. William R. Greenberg

Ms. Marie Grein

Gulfport Lions Club

Mr. Wallace N. Guthrie

Mrs. Carla L. Hahn

Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey M. Hahn

Ms. Patricia P. Hall

Mrs. Cindy Hamrick

Mr. Larry Hamrick

Mrs. Shirley Hamrick

Mr. Steven Hamsness

Mr. and Mrs. George Handura

Mrs. Margaret Hannigan

Mr. and Mrs. Robert J. Harren

Mr. and Mrs. William E. Harris

Mrs. Jeancarol Hart

Mr. Willis Harvey, Jr.

Mr. Marcos Hasbun

Ms. Lynn A. Heckler and
Mr. Arthur Hiscox

Ms. Susan M. Helms

Mr. and Mrs. Phil M. Henderson

Mr. and Mrs. Ted Henter

Heyman Law Firm, PA

Mr. and Mrs. Charles M. Hietala

Mrs. Gloria C. Hollingsworth

Mr. and Mrs. Dennis B. Holthaus

Mr. and Mrs. Howard Hornibrook

Mr. and Mrs. William E. Horst

Mr. and Mrs. Peter L. Howdeshell

Howell Insurance Advisors, LLC

Mr. and Mrs. Roger Hutchinson

Ms. Kathleen A. Jablonicky

Ms. Lyndy Jennings

Mrs. Anne Johnson

Johnson, Pope, Bokor,
Ruppel & Burns, LLP

Mrs. Patricia D. Johnston

Ms. Kathy C. Jones

Lt. Col. and Mrs. Thomas Jones

Joseph F. Cornelius Family Foundation

Mr. and Mrs. Ronald C. Joy

Judie Glenn, Inc.

Mr. Rimas B. Karnavicius

Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey M. Karp

Ms. Michelle Kenly

Ms. Peyton L. Kieffer

Mrs. Debbie Kilcullen

Dr. Ronald K. Kittl

Mrs. Joan Kline

Mr. Christopher Koch

Ms. Jennifer Koerv

Mr. Josh Kollman

Mr. Harold Lampert

Lampert’s Therapy Group

Mr. Bill Larson

Mr. and Mrs. Gil A. Larson

Ms. Stephani Lavely

Ms. Alexis Lee

Mrs. Christine Legene

Ms. Jane A. Letson

Mr. John Lewis

Dr. and Mrs. Mark O. Licht

Light of Christ Council of
Catholic Women

Ms. Jessica Lillesand

Mrs. Marsha Lindberg

Ms. Mary D. Lott

Mr. and Mrs. John A. Lounsberry

Ms. Ann P. Lowell

Mr. and Mrs. Bruce F. Lowitt

Mr. and Mrs. John C. Luthin

Mr. and Mrs. Warren Mack

Mrs. Judy Mahan

Ms. Judith C. Malone

Mr. Kevin Marsar

Mrs. Darlene M. Marsh

Ms. Cheryl K. Martin

Mr. and Mrs. Roger A. Martin

Mr. and Mrs. Rudy Masi

Ms. Linn S. Masterson

Mr. and Mrs. Michael Masterson

Mr. William H. Matthews

Mr. and Mrs. David W. Mayer

Mr. Fred McAleenan

Mr. Ryan McClure

Mr. Steven D. McClymont

Ms. H. Mary McKeown

Mr. Scott McKim

Mr. and Mrs. David O. Means

Mease Manor Retirement Community

Mr. and Mrs. William E. Mechler, Sr.

Mr. and Mrs. Ronald W. Meier

Ms. Jane Melton

Mr. and Mrs. John Menken

Ms. Diane M. Mergens

Dr. and Mrs. Louis J. Michaelos

Mrs. Carolann Miller

Dr. and Mrs. Jonathan A. Mines

Mr. Donald E. Mirenda

Mrs. Esther A. Miseroy

Ms. Jamie Morrow

Mr. Jeff A. Munford

Museum of Science and Industry

Mr. and Mrs. John R. Musulin

Mr. and Mrs. Laurence L. Nelson

Ms. Yvette Niebla

Ms. Linda K. Nogle

Mr. Fred R. Novo-Mesky

Mrs. Susan O’Berry

Mr. Patrick O’Connor

Mr. and Mrs. Melvin D. Ora

Mrs. Bonnie G. Otis

Ms. Nancy Paikoff

Mrs. Linnea C. Paolillo

Ms. Linda K. Parker

Mrs. Sallie Parks

Mrs. Linda K. Pennington

Mr. and Mrs. Anthony T. Piernick

Dr. and Mrs. Sanford N. Plevin

Plumlee Properties

Mr. and Mrs. Herb Polson

Mr. and Mrs. Charles R. Porter

Ms. Kristen Porter

Publix Super Market

Mr. Dennis J. Pugliese

Mr. Paul Ragaini

Mrs. Sara Randall

Ms. Kathy Randazzo

Mr. and Mrs. Joe L. Reina

Ms. Robyn Richards

Mr. Charles Richardson

Mr. and Mrs. David W.
Ringelspaugh, Jr.

Mrs. Denise Roach

Mrs. Mary Jane Robbins

Mrs. Martha S. Roberson

Mr. and Mrs. Edward L. Robertson

Mr. and Mrs. David Roby

Ms. Herma A. Rodenbeck

Ms. Paula F. Rosoff

Mr. Jeff Roth

Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth S. Rowin

Ms. Alice Y. Sadlo

Safety Harbor Lions Club

Mr. and Mrs. John D. Sarka

Dr. Mark J. Sarno and Dr. Nevin Sarno

Mr. and Mrs. Gary Sastamoinen

Mr. Henry Sayler

Ms. Tina Schulstad

Mrs. Francine Schultz

Mr. and Mrs. Otto H. Schwanemann

Ms. Ann R. Scott

Seminole Lanes

Seminole Lions Foundation, Inc.

Mr. Edward F. Shamas

Mrs. Stella A. Sharp

Mr. and Mrs. Tom Shaughnessy

Mr. and Mrs. Dwight L. Short

Ms. Lynn Singleton

Mr. and Mrs. Leo R. Sirois

Mrs. Patricia Slaughter

Mr. Byron C. Smith

Mrs. Geraldine L. Smith

Ms. Mary L. Smith

Mr. and Mrs. Thomas J. Smith

Mr. and Mrs. Lewis I. Smither, III

Ms. Janice L. Snow

Mr. Stuart Snow

Mr. Terry W. Stafford

Mrs. Julia Stander

Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth M. Stanley

Miss Christine Sterling

Dr. and Mrs. Duke N. Stern

Ms. Claire E. Stiglitz

Ms. Catherine M. Sullivan

Ms. Doris R. Sutliff

Ms. Joyce Svabek

Tampa Bay Financial Planning

Tampa Theatre

Mr. Bradford Taylor

Ms. Kelly J. Taylor

Ms. Sandy O. Tennian

The Dali Museum

The Florida Aquarium

Thrivent Choice Dollars

Mrs. Carolyn E. Tinney

Ms. Christine A. Tlusty

Miss Jessica Tomlinson

Mr. and Mrs. Paul H. Tosi

Mr. and Mrs. Raphael Tourin

Mrs. Nancy J. Tucker

Ms. Rebekah Veneziano

Mr. and Mrs. William H. Venz

Ms. Bernadine M. Vermazen

Mrs. Beatrice M. Waller

Ms. Eva Wasson

Ms. Janet J. Weaver

Mr. and Mrs. Carleton L. Weidemeyer

Dr. and Mrs. Steven G. Weiss

Mr. Craig West

Ms. Tamara Wilkes

Ms. Valerie D. Williamson

Ms. Mary Ellen Wilson

Ms. Anne M. Winchell

Dr. and Mrs. David Wolstein

Ms. Laura Wrede

Mrs. Jenny Wykowska

Ms. Christine Xiong

Mr. Steve Zierden